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Aradia is evidently enough Herodias, who was regarded in the beginning as associated with Diana as chief of the witches. This was not, as I.
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Occult Literature 3: Aradia, The Witches' Gospel (Charles Leland)

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This very valuable work of reference first appeared in , according to the mention of it in the bibliography at the end of Gerald's book, Witchcraft Today. The entry referring to witchcraft begins: "Witchcraft: from Saxon Wicca, a contraction of witega, a prophet or sorcerer. It has to be said, of course, that the word Wicca has its uses to define the present-day revival, especially in the USA, where a number of associations using this word have gained legal recognition as religious bodies.

Incidentally, there is a legend in witchcraft circles to the effect that the reason why the original edition of this book is so rare is that old Gerald bought up all the copies he could find and destroyed them. Whether there is any truth in this or not, I cannot say.

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In spite of Professor Russell's opinion, as quoted above, there is an older derivation of the word witch that may perhaps be worthy of consideration. This book discusses the above-mentioned derivations from wicca, wicce, etc. Thus, speculates the Rev. Skeat, the word witch possibly meant 'averter'.

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He also mentions that the Anglo-Saxon word witega, a prophet or seer, comes from the Anglo-Saxon witan, to observe, which he says is 'cognate with witan, to know. We have seen that Lewis Spence regarded witega as the origin of wicca. So who is right? This means that you cannot reply to this topic.

Aradia Gospel of the Witches,Occult,Metaphysical,Grimoire,Esoteric,witchcraft

It deals with the legends surrounding Aradia, a figure first popularized by folklorist Charles Leland in the late 19th century. In this new book, the author compares known aspects of culture and history in the Italian peninsula 14thth century with elements that appear in the story, or so-called "Gospel of the Witches.

One example the author uses is the Cult of Guglielma. Here's the Table of Contents: 1. Witchcraft: The Christian Makeover 2. Aradia: The Cultural Background 3. The Walnut Tree and Diana's Witches 4. The Society of Diana 5. The New Witches' Gospel 6. Legend of the Holy Strega 7. The Teachings of Aradia 8. The book also offers up interesting bits of witch-lore, and it explores elements of the ancient veneration of the goddess Diana that reflect specific aspects of Italian Witchcraft meaning those traditions depicted in connection with a goddess. The book also addresses traditions of Italian Witchcraft not connected to the Aradia legends.