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Part I of The adventures of a man and his three-legged dog as they journey from their apartment near Billy Goat Hill in San Francisco to their planned vacation.
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The lifeguard program is catching up with the district's policy of requiring residents who rent out school pools to have a lifeguard on duty at all times, which has been in effect since Individuals or groups who rent the use of a pool on school grounds must provide their own lifeguard who is registered through the American Red Cross, YMCA or an equivalent lifeguard training program. Lifeguards must also be certified in standard first aid and CPR. The district will follow these qualifications in hiring its lifeguards and ensuring that they are professionally certificated, Graswich said.

For the fall semester, the district will post three certified lifeguards at each pool. The idea is to guarantee at least two sets of eyes on the pool any time it's in use, according to Graswich. Curry drowned during his fourth-period swim class on May 8 which, while taught by a PE teacher did not officially have a lifeguard on duty during that time, and he was not discovered in the pool until the fifth-period pool class began, according to investigators.

In July, the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office opted not to file criminal charges, after Danville police found no signs of foul play nor criminal negligence with regards to Curry's death, confirming previous findings made by the county coroner's office in early June. Also in July, police confirmed that Curry did know how to swim but they were unsure of how to answer when asked about his skill level.

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Graswich said Tuesday that she could not comment on any potential disciplinary actions for SRVHS staff as a result of the drowning, citing employee confidentiality. If it was, it was limited to a few school districts. Certainly wasn't and isn't in San Mateo county. What does knowing how to swim have to do with drowning? It is not an absolute guarantee of safety. This below link to the story has some good accurate comments to help fill in the details Web Link. Swimming pool fences are intended to protect toddlers and little children.

These mechanisms prevent children from the risks of drowning and let them have access to the pool without adult supervision. There are multiple styles and options of pool fences to select from. You can always find one to complement your unique taste and preferences.

Step 2: Online As a result of the extensive research conducted, one of the most significant aspects of the revised program will be the transition of in-person learning to combined online and in-person training. This blended learning solution will put the Canadian Red Cross' Water Safety Instructor Development Program in line with a new approach to learning: the flipped classroom.

According to the Khan Academy, the flipped classroom allows the learner to learn at his or her own speed - focusing on what is important and how it connects to them - online before arriving at the pool.

Drowned lifeguard Andy Powell's girlfriend pens gut-wrenching post

This ensures the transfer of knowledge will occur in an environment the learner controls: time, reviews, additional opportunities to research, and reflection. The in-person component then builds on the topics covered online. Step 3: Teaching Experience Another significant change is the teaching experience. The teaching experience takes place following the online learning and prior to the in-person component. The decision to complete the teaching experience prior to the in-person course achieves the following outcomes: Candidates have first-hand experience observing real progressions and swimmer skills with a mix of personalities in the same class.

Candidates have a frame of reference to reflect on and link to the theory of the course. By linking the thoughts and reflections the learner had in the online component and teaching experience, and actively discussing with their peers in-person, the participants are able to engage with the theory in a much more practical way. Additionally, from a quality assurance perspective, we are able to ensure the candidate has interacted with and been evaluated by an experienced Water Safety Instructor Trainer directly before certification.

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Step 4: Classroom and Pool This component follows the teaching experience and furthers instructional ability by focusing on how to effectively plan, teach, and evaluate the Red Cross Swim Programs. This is where we consolidate candidates' knowledge and experience from the online and teaching experience components so they are ready to take on their first Red Cross Swim Program.

The candidates will also complete a variety of practice-teaching exercises teaching their peer candidates. There are 4 components needed to become certified. If successful, you move on to work through the Online Portion self-lead hours depending on pace of work.

After completing the online portion candidates begin Volunteer hours minimum of 8 hours. Each module builds on the previous one and they must be completed in sequence.

Death Valley National Park Road Trip - How You DON'T Want It To End

What do I need to bring to my Skills Evaluation? How do I access the Online Portion of the course? Red Cross provides the support for any online problems. How long is my Water Safety Instructor Certification valid for after I successfully complete the whole process? The certification will be valid for 1 year. Prior to the expiry, the candidates will have to complete 3 water safety instructor online professional development modules.

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After completing these credits, it extends the certification to 2 years. After that, the certification must be recertified every 2 years. The tribute started at on Monday, the time Carlson entered the sea a year ago. This undated photo provided by the Newport Beach Police Department shows Ben Carlson, 32, a Newport Beach lifeguard who drowned while trying to rescue a swimmer off the Southern California beach on Sunday, July 6, Carlson was pulled from the water by fellow lifeguards following a frantic, three-hour search.

Some paddlers get their boards before heading out for a memorial paddle out for Newport Beach lifeguard, Ben Carlson off the Newport Pier a week after his death.

Friends and fellow lifeguards watch a tribute to Newport Beach lifeguard Ben Carlson at p. Monday, the time Carlson entered the sea for a rescue and drowned a year ago. Lifeguards held a tribute for him near the spot where he entered the ocean with a lineup of six lifeguard boats, flares and wreaths being tossed into the sea. Newport Beach lifeguard Brandon Hodding watches a lineup of lifeguard boats that paid tribute to his friend Newport Beach lifeguard Ben Carlson who died during an ocean rescue a year ago.

The tribute started at p. Monday, the time Carlson entered the sea a year ago. A Newport Beach lifeguards dives in to swim to shore after a lifeguard boat lineup at sea which was a tribute to Newport Beach lifeguard Ben Carson who died during an ocean rescue a year ago.