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Head of the Class is an American sitcom that ran from to on the ABC television network. The series follows a group of gifted students in the.
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The nerdy Arvid Dan Frischman and the fat Dennis Daniel Schneider head for the space museum, but are sidetracked by two local girls who, the boys are convinced, could be K. And Darlene Robin Givens and Maria Leslie Bega decide to produce a videotape that is turning out to be a touristy cliche of themselves standing in front of famous sites.

And so on. The point, naturally, is that our brash Americans will confront some of their misconceptions about the Soviet Union and, in return, perhaps give the Russians something to think about. A very attractive Russian teacher, for instance, tells an admiring Mr. Moore what she believes about Americans: everybody is in debt, there is no culture and everybody owns a gun. Moore laughs, but rather uneasily as he points out that only one in four Americans owns a gun. Alan Tony O'Dell , who is already committed to the Young Americans for Freedom and is aiming for a career as chairman of a corporate board, meets an equally bright and ambitious young Communist.

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Fitness and Fun Classes. Contact and Locations. By Episode 6 "Teacher's Teacher" , the class's original teacher Mr. Moore's tenure ended. After observing Mr. Moore's unorthodox teaching methods for most of the episode much to Charlie's chagrin, as it also made apparent how much he would miss the IHP students , Mr. Thomas ultimately reveals he had no intention to return but came to observe Mr.

Moore after hearing concerns about him from Dr. Seeing Mr. Moore in action, Mr. Thomas gives him his blessing, leaving Mr.

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Moore to become their full-time teacher, knowing the IHP will be in good hands. Throughout the first season, Mr. Moore attempted to get the class involved in more than just their studies, encouraging them to play volleyball and make a music video for the school's time capsule this marks the first foray into the fondness of Head of the Class for musical production numbers.

At the same time, the class brought Mr. Moore into the present, acclimating him to the importance of personal computers. Near the end of the season, the IHP faces their Russian counterparts in an academic tournament, foreshadowing their famous trip to Moscow in season three.

Season two began involving the IHP in the school as a whole, with Mr. Moore involving the class in the school literary journal and encouraging a lampoon of the school newspaper. Moore also decides to put on a school production of the musical Grease , and encourages the IHP who are initially reluctant to participate, alongside other Fillmore students.

Head of the Class

While first season had some episodes that showed Charlie's personal life outside school, these become increasingly rare as the series continues. Beginning in season 2, we no longer see Charlie's apartment, and episodes consistently focus on the lives of the IHP students. In , Head of the Class broke new ground as it became the first American sitcom to be filmed in the Soviet Union and was entirely filmed in Moscow.

The IHP is invited to come to the country for a rematch of the academic meet that happened in season one, which ended in a tie.

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The class has a lot of experiences while in Moscow: Dennis and Arvid take an interest in two beautiful women, until they realize they might be KGB spies; Eric meets up with his relatives in what is a very positive experience for him; capitalist Alan has an argument with a die-hard socialist in a store who is also on the opposing Russian academic team ; Sarah and Darlene decide to record the sights and sounds of Moscow; Simone goes to put flowers on a poet's grave and meets up with a charming Russian musician; Dr. Samuels believes that his hotel room is bugged , but ends up making a fool of himself; and Charlie has a brief romance with a schoolteacher.

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The IHP eventually wins the meet and the respect of the Russian team. Several new characters took their place: Alex Torres Michael DeLorenzo was a Hispanic athletics student, somewhat stereotypically portrayed as having an eye for the ladies.

Jones Rain Pryor , a recurring character since the third season, joined the IHP in the fourth season a remedial student with a streetwise attitude, T. The students' final year of high school was split over seasons four and five. Howard Hesseman left the show after the fourth season.

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In the first episode of season five, Scottish teacher Billy MacGregor Billy Connolly arrived to replace the departed Charlie Moore in the first episode of the season, it is explained to the dismayed IHP students that Mr. Moore's acting career finally took off. Despite initial uncertainty and some hostility from the students, Billy proved to be a successful replacement for Charlie.

He insisted that the students refer to him by his first name, and although he was more rousing and less laid-back than his predecessor, he proved to be just as wise and caring Billy also had a habit of boisterously greeting his class every morning with the phrase, "good morning, geniuses", and facetiously barking to his students to, "get out of here", when the bell rang at the end of the class.