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Actually, I think what you want to say is "it was worth waiting for " I hope that's what you mean anyway. And I hope whatever it was, was indeed worth waiting.
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It sets players loose in a large new environment punctuated by a handful of small arena fights and obtuse puzzles, then tops it all off with a boss fight that feels like it was Frankensteined together out of the already-existing ones. It might be an otherwise nice seasonal addition in an alternate universe where Anthem is rolling along steadily with a lively player community in love with its underlying structure and progression system.

But that is not the universe we live in, and instead of feeling like an impressive new milestone on the road to redemption, Cataclysm is a stark reminder of how hollow the whole Anthem experience still feels.

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There are three new story missions that lead into Echoes of Reality, all of which revolve around capturing an evil scientist, Dr. A short cutscene plays midway through these missions to lay this all out.

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Why not at the beginning? I have no idea. Nothing about Echoes of Reality feels particularly new, either, except for the area where it takes place. A minute countdown timer requires strict adherence to the tasks at hand. Echoes of Reality currently features three objectives prior to the boss fight. The first consists of fighting Dominion in a small arena and then activating half a dozen glowing pillars to bring down the shield around a crystal that needs to be destroyed.

The second has you fight Dominion in a slightly bigger arena while trying to collect echoes to bring down another shield around another crystal that needs to be destroyed. The hitch is that the echoes are themselves shielded, requiring one group of players to stand on pressure-plates while another grabs them. In my own experience and based on a number of threads in the Anthem subreddit, this has caused no small amount of players a lot of frustration as they try to bring echoes into the cavern to get the fifth one while their teammates keep taking them back out to plug them into the devices protecting the crystal.

The third objective takes place in a slightly smaller arena inside a cave. There you once again fight Dominion, this time while collecting pieces of an artifact that have broken off. The pieces need to be carried, but walls of light are constantly traveling back and forth through the cave. She sits at the northern edge of the map in, you guessed it, another arena, the biggest of the four.

One of them turns the floor to lava.

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The other, which shoots out into the air, requiring you to take cover, will almost instantly kill you. Instead it feels like being yelled at by a drill sergeant and then forced to start over from scratch when the mistakes begin to pile up. Mar 30, AM. Com 0 books view quotes. Feb 27, AM. TheVapester 0 books view quotes. Feb 24, PM. Vipul 39 books view quotes. Feb 24, AM. Sabareesh books view quotes. Jan 09, AM.

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