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When a burglary at a large house takes place, little did the thieves realise that as soon as they opened the safe and removed the contents. They were opening a.
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Enter the Fray

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Rudd defends global financial crisis response

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There is quite a lot of misleading information about cannabis. One instance is the claim legalisation will virtually remove blackmarket in the drug in much the same way as with tobacco.

Ripley Patton : purveyor of myth

More recent news on cannabis laws is that the ACT government held a view that circumvention of the Federal law may be possible because it contains a defence for anyone charged with possessing cannabis, if it conflicted with state law. The Federal Attorney-General has now announced that he has legal advice that this defence does not apply.

This development coincided with a report shadow attorney-general, Jeremy Hanson, if elected to government next year, would reverse the "dog's breakfast of a bill". Rajend Naidu Letters, October 23 writes that Howard Brady believes climate change is a natural phenomenon. This was not what Brady said. Further, he made the particularly strange comment that "scientists and academics come in all sorts".

Purveyor of Enchantment

Does this mean vanilla, Neapolitan and so forth? Scientists and academics are not necessarily two distinct and separate classes of people.

Howard Brady is both, as am I. People in glass-houses should not throw stones. I have strong and well-informed views on climate change, in no way contrary to what Howard has written. My credentials suggest that, like Howard, I am no fool, although my golfing mates may contest this. Rajend, climate change is real of course, almost as obvious as the fact the Raiders were robbed, but the issue is very complex, and in particular one where its short and very much longer time dependencies are not appreciated, or indeed, firmly established as fact.

Eric Hunter Letters, October 31 in his critical response to my comment that developing nations need to industrialize to improve the wellbeing of their population, is influenced by the privileged position of western industrialized countries benefiting from two hundred years of advancement based on fossil fuel. What is needed is for these well developed nations to radically reduce their carbon dioxide output by adopting alternative emission practices so others have an opportunity to catch up economically.

Energy production is only part of the problem. There must be equality in life-style opportunity. As I said, put it in perspective. The evidence-based conclusion of every reputable climate-change organisation in the world is that a two degree temperature increase may be necessary for equality and can be lived with.

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However what is the maximum optimal increase in temperature is subject to bitter debate between the climate deniers and the climate panickers. Significant increased temperatures will improve some countries, but will have a profound negative impact elsewhere. Eric is a privileged beneficiary of the status quo, not a supporter for equality in living standards throughout the world.

The rapid and insidious spread of fake news, both deliberate and inadvertent, is major concern to professional communicators such as those represented by the Public Relations Institute of Australia PRIA. Nor does she possess a whit of those other characters' lightheartedness. The dreadful woman is all doom and destruction, embraced in recent years by no less a purveyor of Hollywood horror than Universal Studios Hollywood , which has granted her increasing prominence among the likes of Jason, Freddie and Jigsaw in recent years.

There are many variations on this year-old ghost story, but the typical version starts with Maria, whose beauty was equaled only by her vanity.

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She uses her wiles to marry a handsome, wealthy rancher and has two children. After a few happy years, the rancher takes to roaming the prairies, ignoring her while he is home but lavishing attention on the children. One day while walking near the river with the children, Maria sees her husband with a wealthy lady and, in a fit of rage, throws her children into the river. But when they disappear into the water, she is seized by regret.

She runs along the bank of the river, arms outstretched, in a futile attempt to get them back. The inconsolable Maria then drowns herself or dies of grief, depending on who's doing the telling and is buried by the villages the next morning.

That night, they hear crying down by the river — Maria wailing, "Where are my children? Rechristened La Llorona from that day on, she is still sighted near rivers, oceans and other bodies of water, night after dark night. So far, more tragedy than terror. In some versions, Maria is more despicable from the start, drowning her children in order to be with the man she loves and killing herself when he rejects her. The scary part comes after La Llorona reaches the gates of heaven and is not allowed in because her children aren't with her.

She is trapped on earth, searching in vain for her drowned children for all eternity.

Seek - One - Episode 1 - Atlanta Deer Hunting

As the story evolved, La Llorona resorted to kidnapping children who resemble her missing offspring, or children who disobey their parents.