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Servants of the State traces the halting rise of a pluralistic attitude in hiring and promotion procedures within the federal government. Ranging from the Gr.
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Past Issues. But should civil servants grow more emboldened to assert their collective power in ways that actively undermine legitimate policy choices of the current leadership, it could exacerbate existing tensions within the government, with detrimental consequences for the country. There was more than the mere promise of change awaiting this corps of workers as January 20 arrived this year.

High court rules public servants can be sacked for political social media posts

While Barack Obama ran in many ways against George W. Bush, Donald Trump ran in all ways against Barack Obama—a man whose very citizenship Trump contested, not to mention his governance.

And the leadership that does exist, especially at the Cabinet level, is unprecedented in modern times in its lack of prior government experience. In short, one could forgive American civil servants for finding a trying year.

Whatever the fraught relationship between the attorney general and the president—and despite the unceremonious dumping of the FBI director—Justice Department prosecutors and FBI investigators around the United States have continued to investigate and prosecute crimes. In France and Germany these codes of conduct have been based mainly upon the rules of administrative law and the jurisprudence of administrative courts, although certain civil service rights and duties are specified in constitutional law.

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In other countries, particularly in the United States and India , conduct and discipline are regulated by administrative rules and codes promulgated by executive order after discussion and enquiry. Ideally, the civil servant should be above any suspicion of partiality and should not let personal sympathies, loyalties, or interests affect the performance of duties; for example, a civil servant is obliged to be circumspect in private financial dealings. As a general rule, a civil servant is not allowed to engage directly or indirectly in any trade or business and may engage in social or charitable organizations only if these have no connection with official duties.

There are different attitudes about the extent to which civil servants may engage in political activities. One view is that a civil servant has the same constitutional rights as other citizens and that it is therefore unconstitutional to attempt to limit those rights other than by the common law. The opposing view is that, since civil servants are engaged in the unique function of national government, their integrity and loyalty to their political masters might be affected by active participation in political affairs, and public confidence in their impartiality could be shaken.

Broadly speaking, those countries that traditionally expect civil servants to behave with complete impartiality and to conform to ministerial policy with energy and good will, whether they agree with the policy or not, expect all civil servants to behave with circumspection in political affairs.

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The prohibition becomes progressively less strict, however, for the medium and lower grades of the service. Another group of countries, including France and Germany, have deemed policy and administration to be so intimately connected that all top posts are filled at the discretion of the government of the day; thus, civil servants are allowed greater scope in political activities.

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They are nevertheless expected to act with greater discretion and public decorum than private citizens, and an excess of power or an abuse of office for political purposes renders a civil servant instantly liable both to statutory regulations and to severe internal disciplinary proceedings. Traditionally, governments have been hostile toward civil service unions , and in the past repressive laws made strike action unlawful.

Strikes nevertheless occurred, and governments eventually adopted an attitude of open encouragement toward trade unionism. Most governments accept, in theory at least, that the state should be a model employer. It follows that, if the state genuinely pursues a policy of discussion and negotiation with civil servants and attempts properly to fulfill agreements with them, it should in return be freed from the threat of strike action.

Comparative analysis of motivation of civil servants and public servants in the local state administration — case study of Slovakia.

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Toggle navigation. Back to previous page 6. Abstract The topic of public service motivation is very actual. Key words public administration, local state administration, public service motivation, civil servant, public servant DOI :